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My vision for Erie

We are the people of Erie. We work together, using our unique talents, skills and passions to create cheerful environments that support living, learning, working and playing. We care for our families, love our neighbors, and take pride in our community. Together, we thrive. 

I've already shared my reasoning for wanting to serve the town as Mayor. But on a more personal level, there are two main reasons that I'd want to get involved... and I think they are the same kinds of reasons that many of you choose to be involved.

The first reason is simple... I give what I have available. I have spent most of my life building communities and teaching others to do the same. It was my goal from the time I was 13 years old. It was the focus of my academic life, and it is the focus of my municipal career. I have also spent most of my adult life volunteering what skills and resources I have available in the service of my community. I am aware that many of you do the same, and I thank you for stepping up and caring enough to sacrifice your time, talents and resources to make Erie the best it can be.

The second reason is more fundamental.  When I look out at an audience of Erie residents, it is a fair bet that at least a third of you... and maybe closer to half of you... moved here within the past 5-7 years. It takes putting yourself out there to develop new friendships and to connect with people. I have the greatest respect for people who get involved so that they can be connected to other Erie residents... and I'm grateful to you for doing it because it protects our neighborhoods and the quality of life that makes Erie the best place in Colorado to raise a family.

I'm running for Mayor because I care about Erie. It's my home, where I've put down roots and where I've grown my family and my community. I look forward to living here for a long time and enjoying the quality of life that made my family choose Erie in the first place.

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