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Lori Kestel

I endorse Kelly Zuniga as a candidate for Mayor of the Town of Erie. I have never known

anyone who personifies the attributes of civic duty and recognizes the importance of a vibrant community life as Kelly does. From the moment she knocked on my door in the Spring of 2014, introduced herself and asked me to help her build a community garden in our neighborhood, I witnessed her sincerity, intelligence, diplomacy and determination overcome every obstacle thrown in front of her, from city regulations, to funding, to planning, to material, to recruitment, to labor and many other hurdles. In 2016 the Kenosha Farm Community Garden and its governing board became a beautiful reality. Yes, a love of gardening was part of the fire in her passion to see this garden built, but mostly it was from her desire to facilitate fellowship among neighbors. Kelly will bring that passion for community onto the larger platform of leading the Town of Erie; and as Kenosha Farm Community Garden is one of the most well planned and successful gardens in the area, the Town of Erie would also benefit tremendously from her passion for her community and her considerable civic skill set.

Lori Kestel

Former Gardener and Treasurer

Kenosha Farm Community Garden

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