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A Parent in the Foster System

My endorsement for Kelly Zuniga for Erie Mayor is going to be different than any other political endorsement you’ve ever read! In 2019 – after years of struggling with addiction, brushes with the law and finally the loss of my mother, I was put in jail and the authorities took my son from me. Fortunately for everyone involved, he was fostered by Kelly and Miguel Zuniga. Living with the Zunigas was nothing short of transformational for my son. He was loved, supported and given the structure and stability he desperately needed. Though I was unable to be responsible for my son, we could not have hoped for someone better than Kelly to provide both the parenting my son needed and the example I am modeling today. I don’t know anything about Kelly Zuniga’s politics or her platform, but I can say from direct and very personal experience that by electing Kelly as your Mayor, you will have a leader with an incredible work ethic, high integrity, and a heart of gold.

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